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What to consider when choosing a health plan

Would you like to explore your health insurance options? Do you get confused when you read health plan information? Are you not sure where to begin? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The world of health insurance can be complex with a lot of information and unfamiliar words. One of the first things people think about […]


Wisconsin 4-H Foundation 2017 Scholarship Application Guidelines

The Wisconsin 4-H Foundation will award more than $10,000 in scholarships to outstanding Wisconsin students pursuing higher education in 2017.  To be considered for financial support, applications must be received by the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation via email by March 15, 2017. Wisconsin 4-H Foundation scholarships are awarded to students based on demonstrated personal growth, development […]


WNEP is now FoodWIse

FoodWIse is new name of Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program. A successful nutrition education program is getting a new name to make it relevant and accessible to more audiences.


Credit reports versus scores

The information in your credit report is used to create a number – or credit score – that lenders use to make decisions on whether to extend credit or what interest rate to charge. Referring to a score is easier and quicker for a lender than reading through an individual’s credit report history.