Take Simple Steps to Poison-Proof Your Home

More than one million kids under age 6 exposed to household poisons each year.

The American Association of Poison Centers records more than two million incidents of people and animals exposed to poison every year. More than half of these incidents involve children younger than six years old. In addition, poison center data show that over 70,000 calls were made to poison centers around the country last year with concerns about exposure to common household pesticides. 

You can protect the health of your children and pets by using extra caution with common products found in many homes, such as:
● Roach sprays and baits
● Bath and kitchen disinfectants and sanitizers, including bleach
● Rat and other rodent poisons
● Insect repellents
● Products used to kill mold or mildew
● Flea and tick shampoos, powders and dips for pets
● Weed killers

By taking the following simple steps, you can reduce your family’s risk of exposure to household poisons:
● Keep the Poison Control Centers’ national hotline number, 1-800-222-1222, near your phone and programmed into your cell phone.
● Always store household products in a locked cabinet or shed away from children and pets.
● Read the product label and follow the directions.
● Buy only as much product as you need to complete your project.
● Use child-resistant packaging properly by closing the container tightly after use.
● Never transfer pesticides to other containers.

The National Pesticide Information Center at http://npic.orst.edu provides more information.

The University of Wisconsin-Extension’s Family Living Programs and the Environmental Resources Center are collaborating to help state residents learn about and reduce the risks they face at home through the Wisconsin Healthy Homes Partnership. Learn more about the program at http://www.uwex.edu/healthyhome .