Avian Influenza – Take a Few Precautions

From Dr. Paul McGraw, WDATP State Veterinarian:

“Gathering poultry together increases the chances of exposure to the virus,” McGraw says. “Returning the same poultry to their home farms increases the likelihood of spreading the disease.”

Commercial poultry producers, backyard flock owners and poultry exhibitioners are encouraged to use proper biosecurity methods, including restricting poultry exposure to wild birds, washing hands before and after handling poultry, using dedicated clothing and boots when working with poultry, and cleaning and disinfecting cages and equipment used with poultry.

4-H, FFA, and Other Youth organization families that have poultry should use the same precautions.  You could make your own animals sick, and you could spread the disease to other flocks.

If you meet at a location that has poultry (even one bird) follow the guidelines that are attached.  They were developed last year for the swine virus PEDv, but the same sanitation rules apply.  Warmer weather (>65 degrees) should slow the disease the same as it did PEDv, as the virus does not last as long outside of the host animal in warm temperatures.

At this time there have been no restriction for fairs, etc. outside of the quarantined counties.  We will notify you if restrictions are put in place as we come closer to fair time.

Finally, there is no risk in consuming poultry, if cooked properly.

For complete information on protecting yourself and your animals read : Biosecurity Practices when Visiting Farms