How to Select 4-H Projects4-H projects

  1. First, make a list of the things you like to do or would like to learn more about. Talk over your list with your parents, leaders and friends. They may recognize some special things you’re good at that you don’t even realize you do well.
  2. Compare your list with the projects described in the Project Guide.  Ask yourself if you have the equipment, money, and time to do the projects that sound interesting.
  3. Some projects have more than one level; choose a project level based on the description in the project guide and your knowledge of that subject matter.
  4. If this is your first year in 4-H, choose one or two projects to concentrate on. Usually you can spend more than one year in a project unit because there are enough ideas there to span two or three years.
  5. Finally, enroll in your projects via 4HOnline.  For enrollment assistance, please visit our 4-H Enrollment help page.  NOTE: March 1st is the final deadline to sign up for your 4-H projects; these projects also determine what you may later show at the La Crosse Interstate Fair.

Helpful Forms & Links: