County Festivals

lights-951000_960_720Expressive Arts Festival

The Expressive Arts Festival is a combination of Communications Arts Festival and the Music/Arts & Craft Festival. This is a one day event on March 18, 2017 at the Holmen Middle School.

Communication Arts

Are you interested in the performing arts?  The 4-H Communication Arts Festival, which has options for youth to perform alone or as a group. Communication Arts contains dramas (play, play reading, mini drama) and Speaking (poetry, prose or play reading, memorized selection, original speech, storytelling).

There’s something for every performer!  Take a peek at our full list of Rules & Guidelines to determine which area suits your talents.

Music/Arts & Crafts Festival

The Music/Arts & Crafts section provides youth members with an opportunity to share their musical talents or their amazing artistic abilities … or both!  Members can perform in groups of three or more in categories of instrumental, vocal, dance, or novelty (variety, lip sync, etc).  Members may also choose to display their arts & crafts, marketing projects, or photography.

Take a look at our full list of Rules & Guidelines to learn more about how to participate!