La Crosse County Association of Home & Community Education (LAHCE)

The La Crosse County Association for Home and Community Education (LAHCE) is part of the Wisconsin Association for Home and Community Education which is a nonprofit educational organization comprised of member associations in 57 counties in Wisconsin. The organization is unique in that the members extend the information they receive from University faculty and other reliable sources to the membership and community. LAHCE offers many opportunities for lifelong learners to continue to grow and learn. Educational programs are offered in the following areas:

  • Family Well Being
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Cultural Arts
  • International Study
  • Environment
  • Health and Safety
  • Family Financial Managment

In addition to participating in educational programs, members are involved in a number of community service projects benefiting local human service organizations as well as international efforts.  Members offer support to each other through monthly club meetings and social events.

LAHCE Mission Statement
La Crosse County Association for Home and Community Education strives:

TO        promote and strengthen the family unit;
TO        provide opportunities of  self-education for development of potential abilities;
TO        better serve and improve home and community life.

LAHCE Executive Board

President- Lois Hess
Vice President- Leah Bork
Secretary- Cathy Onsager
Treasurer- Wanda Rogers

LAHCE Committee Chairs

Program Coordinator- Nancy Kuczynski
Family & Community Life- Leann Kramer
International – Leah Bork
Cultural Arts- Laura Ira
Membership & Marketing- Sheryl Smith
Newsletter Editor- Sheryl Smith
WI Bookworms Coordinator- Jeanne Flynn

Upcoming Events

September 17-19, 2018: State Conference

April 23, 2018: Spring West District Meeting

October 8, 2018: Fall West District Meeting

Cross Country Newsletter (PDF Format)

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Wisconsin Association for Home & Community Education