Hands on Gardening – June Pruning

Believe it or not, June is a good time to prune, especially the springtime flowering bushes. Steve Huntzicker gives you specifics in this week’s Hands on Gardening. To view the segment, please click “Read More”.


Training and Pruning Apple Trees

Apples are the most common fruit tree planted in Wisconsin. In addition to providing fruit, apple trees can be a pleasing addition to the home landscape. However, unlike most shade trees, apple trees require annual training and pruning from the time of planting to produce an attractive and productive tree. To learn about the care of apple trees, please click “read more”.


Why Woody Plants Won’t Flower

Dr. Laura Jull, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist for Woody Ornamentals discusses all the possible causes of why trees and shrubs may not flower.

To listen to this Brown Bag segment, click “read more”.